iframes and downloads with OAuth/REST

The OAuth / REST approach to web clients is a common and clean approach, and works beautifully with the traditional request/response cycles of retrieving and posting JSON objects. As the application grows, however, inadvertently requirements pop up to download files, or to display some content in a separate window context (eg. iframe). As the OAuth … Continue reading iframes and downloads with OAuth/REST


Handling boilerplate forms

For a change, this post doesn't deal with specific code, but describes our approach to dealing with the numerous but simple edit forms that go with most enterprise web-applications. Most business applications require a set of data, often referred to as "master data" or "static data", which is merely a supporting cast. The true value … Continue reading Handling boilerplate forms

Create a global error component for Angular 4

I quite like the material design in Angular (using @angular/material¬†2.0.0-beta.12). One component I'm missing is an error component which is global for an entire form (or any other kind of user interaction). Some errors cannot be tied to a specific input field, such errors should be displayed on the form but independent of any individual … Continue reading Create a global error component for Angular 4