How to write terrible unit tests

It's popular nowadays to strongly advocate writing unit tests, followed by awesome examples of how Mockito can help you isolate your test. This is an opinionated post about cargo cult testing. Why do we I write tests? Been there, done that. We all know why tests are important. And yet, let me point out why … Continue reading How to write terrible unit tests


The quality metric "performance" usually takes a back seat to "bug-free". I'm not saying the former is more important than the latter; but I am saying the former is important. For a web application, not responding to a user interaction within 2s (max!) could be deemed a bug. This blog will highlight some interesting aspects … Continue reading Speed

Adding GDS to the mix

In the past few weeks, new extensions have been added to Process Amadeus AIR filesProcess Galileo GMIR files Send booking data to Viselio for visa processing If you're using the Amadeus ProPrinter or the Galileo Print Manager, enabling top-quality visa application services with Viselio is a matter of seconds to configure. More on … Continue reading Adding GDS to the mix

Building Maven projects in Eclipse

Maven and Eclipse have a history. In the early days, the Maven integration in Eclipse was considered sub-par. I've read statements that IntelliJ offers way better support for Maven projects. But then, I've also read statements that Eclipse offers way better support for Maven projects (than IntelliJ). It seems to depend on the versions being … Continue reading Building Maven projects in Eclipse

Parsing travel e-mails

Incentive With, parsing travel confirmation e-mails is one of those things the customer expects as a capability, yet it's not a a core feature. The perfect candidate to use an external service. In order to connect with an external e-mail parsing service, the service needs to provide a decent APIyield results of a … Continue reading Parsing travel e-mails

iframes and downloads with OAuth/REST

The OAuth / REST approach to web clients is a common and clean approach, and works beautifully with the traditional request/response cycles of retrieving and posting JSON objects. As the application grows, however, inadvertently requirements pop up to download files, or to display some content in a separate window context (eg. iframe). As the OAuth … Continue reading iframes and downloads with OAuth/REST