Connecting REST APIs

As part of the development process, there are some pain points in the area of tool integration, mainly procedural rules which must be followed manually

  • Whenever you commit a change, label the according JIRA ticket with “code-change” (or set FixVersion, or transition to “Under development”)
  • When you start reviewing / explorative testing a ticket, head over to the test server and make sure the ticket was actually deployed there (or monitor the deployment process and manually move your ticket to “Test” once deployed)
  • At least once a day, check if (or how many) tickets are in “Test” status and process them accordingly.

In the past weeks we’ve developed a product called Isthmus which does the above (and then some) for us. It’s a tool for developers, so there’s no setup wizard or other fancy stuff. Just a UI to configure the YML (can also be text edited directly).

The surprising part is that Isthmus is much more powerful than intended. It can actually connect any two APIs, ie. APIs with basic authentication. We haven’t come across anything we need with OAuth, but if or when we’d want to POST to Twitter or such, we’ll extend Isthmus.

If you or your team has pain points similar to the ones mentioned above, maybe you’d like to head over to the Isthmus page and see it our tool can make your process smoother.


In the process of developing, a corporate post-booking travel management tool, I’m sharing some hopefully useful insights into Angular 4, Spring Boot, jOOQ, or any other technology we’ll be using.



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